Video Prospecting - Cold Video Outreach Strategies From Planning To Recording To Sending

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In this 45 Minute Crash Course you will learn how to successfully video prospect to book meeting and progress your deals.

  • Account Planning & Tiering
  • Prospect Identification
  • Conducting thoughtful Research
  • Script Writing
  • Recording
  • Tonality / Speaking
  • Editing your Video
  • Click Bait
  • Identifying your Prospects Channel of Choice
  • Blueprints to Video Prospecting in minutes

Melissa developed her Video Prospecting Strategies as an Enterprise & MidMarket SaaS Seller. As a previous On-Air News Reporter for CBS and an Elementary School Teacher, Melissa uses her previous skills to create educational research driven stories to inspire prospects to book a discovery call and progress opportunities. Achieving over an 80% positive response/conversion rate through video!

Melissa started sharing her strategies on a variety of podcasts and summits. This influenced many sellers to leverage her strategies to book high quality meetings. These proven video outreach strategies have been successfully leveraged by SDRs, AEs, AMs and Strategic Sellers in a variety of industries.

This course will teach you how to land your Top Tier accounts from SMB to the Enterprise level.


"What I loved about this course is that it was so easy to follow and digestible. Sections are broken down and aren’t too long. You can follow along really easily and take notes as you go. My favorite part is hearing about real stories of how Melissa was able to book meetings with large brands and seeing her thought process leading up to sending these hyper personalized videos. Also, the music in the background of each section was soothing and fun! You don’t hear that on many courses. I’d suggest this to any SDR who is trying to leverage video to book meetings (especially with their highest priority brands) and any AE who is having trouble progressing a deal. These techniques can be used for cold and warm outreach. Highly recommend!"
- Sales Development Manager, Recom

"Melissa, as always, CRUSHED this video prospecting course. It doesn’t matter if you are new to video prospecting or a seasoned professional, there is something new and fun for you to take away from this course. I recommend this course 200%!"
- Sales Development Representative, LivePerson

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45 Minute Video Prospecting Course for B2B Sales

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Video Prospecting - Cold Video Outreach Strategies From Planning To Recording To Sending

22 ratings
I want this!